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Running half-naked down George st Sydney, is no one’s cup of coffee. However, I will be doing the run; if less than four of my property predictions don’t come to pass from now until the end of 2016.

Presently, I feel confident that my predictions of the local real estate and property market, are not mere glances into a foggy crystal ball. I believe there is a lot of evidence and trends that will keep me fully clothe next year.

However and unfortunate for some, if my predictions are predominantly on point; most investors will find themselves being caught with their pants down.

My ten observations but not necessarily in order

1: Sydney’s rental vacancy rate will rise beyond 2.5% from the first quarter onward, in 2016.

2: Apartments will drop in value by 10-20% in suburbs such as: Parramatta, Hurstville, Campsie, Lidcombe, Auburn, Penrith, Liverpool and Mascot. As well as some surrounding suburbs.

3: Real Estate Agents will be taken to the tribunal for “over-quoting” as the property market turns and sales don’t achieve vendor’s expectation. Expectations promoted by the real estate agents that list the property for sale.

4: More developers will go broke than we have seen in previous property-downturns.

5: There will be an investigation launched by Banks on:

Undisclosed rental guarantees that have not being disclosed in contracts of sale.

6: Sydney will see rental/yield drops, by as much as 15%-25% and this as early as mid 2016.

7: Construction and building defects, due to bad workmanship, will be a hot topic in 2016.

8: Property Investors that bought property through SMSF vehicles, will be suing:

Mortgage brokers and
Financial planners

All because these professionals advised on off-plan apartment investments that will fail and most of these professionals don’t have real estate licenses, but receive commissions.

9: Developers will be offering:

Furniture and car packages as incentives for people to buy new apartments due to the oversupply of apartments being completed, in most cities along the East-coast.

10: Auctioneers will be contracted at half the price they charge now as real estate agents and vendors return to:

Sale by private treaty as auction demand drops.

These are my 10 predictions and observations. Some people may say and believe I’m overly-confident. But, I put these out so more people can take note of what really is happening in the property arena.

Furthermore, I work on the field, research the local market and look at economic factors that have a strong influence on our local property market. So let’s see if I end up running down George street half naked or no


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2 responses to “Real Estate Opportunities Sydney”

  1. Graham Wood Avatar
    Graham Wood

    it's about time this crazy market took a hit

  2. John Smith Avatar
    John Smith

    id back you any day over Andrew Wilson. I live in Merrylands and we have a new multiblock pond that now has resident ducks. Construction just stopped a few months ago. Sydney is just like every other bubble only bigger.